Tuesday, 9 October 2018

The Soldier

She sat beneath the table, trembling, crying, tears rolling down the cheeks. She covered her ears tight with hands, and just prayed 'will anyone come to take me?

'Hey baby, hold my hands, come out' she opened her eyes to see a smiling face in front of her.

'Don't be afraid, I shall take you to a safe place, come, hold my hands' he said and put forth his hands.

She immediately held his hands and came out of the table. She quickly jumped and clinged on to him.

The sun rays shone on her cheeks, she opened her eyes to hug the morning, a morning that has come after many nights.

He brought her to the shelter, gave her food and water.

'Uncle, is the war over? Where is my orphanage? Where are my friends' she asked with her twinkling eyes.

He took her hands in his and walked outside.
'Do you see that white piece of cloth? That is the sign of peace. War is over, but we couldnot save the orphanage. Goverment shall send you all to a new building'.

She saw a big piece of white cloth, it shone so bright, taking away all the darkness that she and her friends had faced for the past few days in the war. Her friends were waiting for her as she was the last one trapped in the demolished building.

"Thank you uncle for saving all of us" and they gave a big salute to the soldiers.

Friday, 5 October 2018

A Bowl of Rasgullas

Rahul had a set if keys, so he very slowly opened th door of the house and steped in. He was very sorry that he had forgotten their Anniversary date and so wanted to give surprise to Seema. He had bought two movie tickets, booked a table in her favourite restaurant, got her a beautiful dress that she had seen in the mall few days back. He was all ready to hear her scoldings...after all he had forgotten their 1st marriage anniversary.

He walked slowly into the bedroom, he knew that this time Seema takes a shower, so he waited eagerly sitting on the bed.

Suddenly he heard his Mama's voice "Rahul, Rahul...have you come from the office?"

He didnot want Seema to know his arrival, so he immediately went outside and whispered "Mama shhh...I forgot our anniversary, so I am home early to give her a surprise."

"You naughty boy, I knew you would do this. You know she is so upset. Listen, I have made her favourite rasgullas and it's inside the fridge, keep this with your surprises, I am sure she will be very happy" her mother said.

"Mom, you are the best mom and MIL in this whole world" he kissed her Mom and quickly took out the bowl full of rasgullas and kept it along with other surprises.

Everything was set, movie tickets, dinner table booked, dress, flowers...above all bowl full of rasgullas. Rahul couldn't wait more. He just wanted to hug her, take her in her arms and say 'sorry'. He could listen the shower from outside and he was becoming more impatient.

"Rahul, what are you doing here?I am waiting outside" an elderly person tapped on his back.

"Dad, shhh...I forgot our anniversary....so I have planned a surprise..Seema is about to come out from shower. See, mom has made these rasgullas" Rahul couldnot hold on to his breath and happily said this to his dad.

"Son, come let's wait outside, she will change and cime out" his dad took him outside.

"But dad..." Rahul wanted to stay but his dad forcefully took him outside.

"Ouch" shouted Rahul.

"Thank you doctor for your visit and giving him injection. Since afternoon he has gone out and I was so worried for him. After all he is everything for me. Life was so beautiful for we 4 of us. But that accident took away Seema and his mom on his first anniversary and he has not been able to come out of his grief. It has been five years since this accident, but every anniversary he behaves exactly the way he did on his first anniversary. Poor child, he could not ask 'sorry' from Seema" his father cried on the doctor's shoulder.

Monday, 1 October 2018


The clock struck 6. The sun was never so beautiful. The heat and the rays of the sun made her more strong from inside. She woke up and was soon ready to go.
She called 'Papa..Papa..‘
But heard no answer. She walked and stood at the entrance, worried and depressed.
'Where has Papa gone? He said he shall drop me today. I have to rush or I shall be late‘ she thought in herself, with her eyes stuck on the road in front of her house.
She turned to lock the door, when someone tapped from back.
'Papa..where have you been? I was waiting for you. Come let‘s go fast' hurriedly she started to close and lock the door.
She sat on the back seat, happy and smiling in her thoughts, thinking about the beautiful journey that she was to start today.
Her father coudn't stop himself laughing on seeing her impatience, he dropped her, gave a peck on her cheek and said 'bye‘
'Papa, you thought I could never know. But the day I started to read the words, I read all the documents that said, you had mortgaged our only home and farm to make me study and go to school. You had borrowed uncle‘s cycle so that I never come to know that you sold your's to get me all the school stuffs. That is why you were late on my first day. It‘s 15 years now, but seems as if yesterday only‘ and she handed over the original papers to her dad.
'It's all ours now, Papa‘ and the duo hugged each other with tears and happiness.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

The White Lily

He has returned after 6 years. He sat on the seat in the park with a beautiful white lily in his hands. Will she come today? And if she doesnot, then it shall be only him to be blamed. After all he left her alone in this world. Why did he take the decision of joining the Army in such a haste? He could have waited for few days for her to reply him back. But his male ego did not allow him. And he left her all alone. Though he knew very well how she had lost her father and brother as armymen. The past haunted him and he sat there very much determined to seek 'sorry' for what he had done to her.

Twilight fell in, but she did not come. Suddenly the breeze set in and he started to feel cold. Two warm arms held him tight from behind. He felt so warm.

'Where have you been dear, I have been.waiting for you since long?' he heard her sweet voice.

'I am so sorry, please forgive me. I have come back and shall never leave you again' he cried loudly with folded hands.

'I wish that day you had come. I sat with a white Lily to tell how much I loved you. But then I got a letter in braille that you have gone to join Army. You could Iearn braille for me, but couldn't you wait for my reply? I ran for you, but it was dark everywhere and a car hit me hard. You knew I was blind. Still you left me. I can never forgive you' and the voice faded away.

He sat there crying...and knew that he shall never be forgiven now.

Friday, 28 September 2018

The Operation Theatre

She was very nervous. Her heart was beating fast. Not aware of the future,she just lay on the bed. But she knew that soon her turn shall come and that she cannot escape.
He held her hand and said ' Don't be afraid darling, I am there for yoyu, the time has come. Be strong'.
And they took her away. She was inside, they were moving here and there. She looked up, it was so scary for her. Suddenly something pinched her and everything seemed to be hazy. Her lower half had become numb and she closed her eyes.
'I told you that the time has come. Look our angel has come in the world for whom we waited for 9 long months' and she looked her and closed her eyes gently with a smile. She was relaxed that she was out of the operation theatre that she always feared to go inside.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

So what I had an abortion?

This incident happened 4 months ago. I do not know this lady who I met in the clinic, neither does she know me. But I have a big problem. I keep hunting for stories, incidents around me that make me think, that make me understand parenting, and that make me understand another mom's situation. And so out of curiosity, I again poked in this lady's story.
I had been to a clinic to collect my thyroid reports. The counter person asked me to wait for some time. I sat on a couch when I noticed a very impatient lady sitting beside me. In fact, she was very restless. She somehow was not able to sit at one place. She was moving like a pendulum. And above all, her 5 year toddler was all around, jumping and playing. She jumped on me all of a sudden and started laughing. That lady (her mother) turned towards me and started apologising. I said it is okay. I then spoke to her in a soft manner, "Please don't mind. But I find you very tensed and restless. I am no one to ask you, but if you feel comfortable, you can share your story." She immediately held my hands and said, "I just had an abortion in 5 weeks of pregnancy. Post termination, I had my ultrasound and I am waiting for my reports. My husband works abroad. Though he supports me in every manner and he knows about this abortion, but still I am scared. I stay with my mom and she is unaware of this. What if the abortion has not been successful? I just cannot think of a 2nd baby". And her name was called for reports. She immediately opened, read it and hugged me tightly and said, "It's over. No pregnancy." What a relief I could see on her face. How cool she was looking. 
"Great. But tell me one thing. Why were you so afraid of this pregnancy?" I asked her out of curiosity.
"You know I am 36 years. I left my first job to take care of my baby. My husband supports me always. He works abroad. Raising a child all alone is very tough along with a job. I still tried managing, till she was 3 years old. He left for abroad when she was 6 months old. Though I have maids to help me, still, my body did not support much. All those nights when I was awake for my child, all those days running after her to make her have her food, then running to office and then managing the kitchen, wardrobe, and medical... it is really tough yaar. And, I get so drowned. Now when my daughter is 5 years old, she has fallen in a routine, I get some time for myself, to look for job, to exercise, go out for a movie, or even dine out. Very soon we both shall be joining my husband abroad and I shall start working again. This is the reason I terminated this pregnancy. I cannot go through all that again. And at this age, I know that I shall not be able to take care of a small child. I do not know if I am right or wrong. My husband is with me and he understands. All this time of abortion, my daughter was with me and was a big support. I was very tensed and now I am relaxed."
"Hmm…”was the only word that I could utter.
"I do not know why I narrated all this to you. But, I am feeling very light and happy. Can I know your name?" She asked.
"Rohini..." I said
"Thanks for listening to me." She stood, held her toddler, waived to me, and went away.
That entire day and till date I have been thinking of her and her story. Was she correct? 
Yes, she was in her own way. She knew her limitations. She knew what she wanted and how to manage. Abortion does not mean that a mother does not love kids. But what she said has a point. She is a mother but was not willing to be again.
Share your story if you had any such incident where you heard a mother whom you never knew.
Happy Reading!

Dear Husband..when I saw you today..

Dear Husband, 
When today I saw you on a video call, your eyes seemed to be crying. No tears rolled down your cheeks, and you kept smiling and talking to me. I kept chirping like a bird, and you kept listening as a gentleman. Your daughter did not want to talk to you on a video call, but you were okay with that also. 
When you went 'there' to work, I thought that I and our daughter are meaningless in your life. And so, you decided to go alone 'there'. Why did I never understand your pain when you were leaving us? Your heart ached, but you smiled. Our hands lost the grip of each other, but you smiled. I kept crying, but you smiled. And I thought you were very happy while going. I thought you were running away from your responsibilities of a 'dad'.  Why did I never understand how difficult it was for you to leave us, your home? 
I thought you wanted peaceful sleep at nights, and so you went away so far. Why could I not understand that all those nights you were only planning things for us? Why did I forget that all through the night, when you slept on that bunk bed, you missed your spongy bed here at home? I always cribbed about my pain, my sufferings, and my problems, and never asked about yours. When did I become so selfish? All those days when you stepped out of your bachelor's room, you are not sure about you lunch, evening tea, or dinner. You just think about us. I never asked you if you had enough money for your sustenance, but you always sent us more than enough.  
How could I not notice the 'sorry' that you always wrote whenever I was angry, despite the fact that I was at fault. You could not come on our anniversaries, our birthdays, and I thought that you are emotionless. How stupid was I? How can I forget that you are the man of our life, love of mine, dad of our child? You are the person who always made every occasion special in your own way when we were together. Circumstances made us live apart. Situations prevailed over our togetherness and happiness
But I know dear husband that you shall not leave any stone unturned. I thought that as a mother only I have sacrificed, but I cannot even measure the sacrifices that you are making. You missed your child's smile, her first step, her mischievous plays, her demands, her love, and everything. And today, your eyes said everything. Today I noticed that loneliness in your heart and life. Let tears roll down dear husband, let them get wet... Let them release their pain... 
Today in this tough world, there are many couples who are living apart because of financial needs and job requirements. Whether a mom or a dad, both are sacrificing… So I really pray that all such couples stay together as a family soon overcoming all the problems. 
(Inspired by a true story) 
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